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How does a Consumer Proposal consolidate my Debt?

When considering consolidation, most consumers think of the following ways to consolidate their debt:

  1. Obtain a consolidation loan from the bank

  2. Refinance their mortgage

  3. Obtain a line of credit to combine their payments into one

But what happens when a consumer does not qualify for a loan or line of credit, or they don’t have sufficient equity in their home to consolidate their debt?  Other alternatives such as high cost lenders who will offer to consolidate your debt but at a very high interest rate or enter a debt management plan to pay the debts off in full over time.

Another option that should be considered is a Consumer Proposal.  A Consumer Proposal allows you to consolidate all your unsecured debt into a single fixed monthly payment or a lump sum payment.  No further interest is charged on the unsecured debt and depending on your asset and income level, you can normally negotiate a reduction in the overall balance and agree to make payments on the remainder within a five-year term.

The benefits of consolidating your debt through filing a consumer proposal include:

  1. No further interest charged on unsecured debt

  2. Total balance on unsecured debt is often significantly reduced

  3. You are truly debt free when you complete the terms of the Consumer Proposal

A Licensed Insolvency Trustee is the only professional able to file a Consumer Proposal on your behalf. 

Find out how a Consumer Proposal can help you consolidate your debt.

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