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Jan Cullum

*Federally Licensed and Regulated*

Jan Cullum

Jan is a Senior Estate Manager and BIA Insolvency Counsellor.

Jan started in the insolvency industry in 1995. She helps individuals find solutions to financial difficulties with empathy and compassion. 

Her lengthy experience allows her to explain the options available and find the best solution tailored to each individual personal situation.

When not working, Jan enjoys travelling to warm climates, cooking, skydiving and spending time with her two wiener dogs.

Jan Cullum

Jan Cullum

Senior Estate Manager

Compassionate Bankruptcy & Credit Counselling Services

At D. Thode & Associates Inc., we know bankruptcy can be a stressful and painful process.
All our employees are sensitive to our clients’ needs. We take the time to fully explain our decisions and express compassion to those who need our help. Take it from your licensed insolvency trustee; we’re here to help.


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