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D. Thode & Associates Inc. - Licensed Insolvency Trustees
Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposals & Debt Solutions, B.C.



Applying for personal bankruptcy releases you from your debts and gives you a fresh financial start. We’ll help you prepare documentation for bankruptcy and walk you through the process.

consumer proposals


Let us negotiate a payment plan for you though the filing of a consumer proposal. You don’t have to file for bankruptcy. Pay your creditors on a modified payment schedule with no further interest.

Debt Consolidation


When facing financial difficulties that include multiple debts, one of the first options people often consider is a consolidation loan. A consolidation loan is taking out one loan for the purpose of paying off other debts. 

We Help Clients
Become Debt Free

Since 2003, D. Thode & Associates Inc., has been helping individuals and families get through their financial difficulties. Our trustees are fully licensed in British Columbia and the Yukon to deal with all legal financial alternatives available including bankruptcy and consumer proposals. If you are having debt problems, we will assist you in understanding all options, your rights, responsibilities and your protections offered through these alternatives, in order that you may make an informed decision on which alternative is best for you and your situation.

Meeting with a trustee is the first step. We know you are likely feeling overwhelmed, but a quick meeting will help determine which solution suits your situation best.

What Our Clients Say

I DID IT!!!  I followed the process, felt my life coming back, felt happier, felt like a better mom. To this day, I have not fallen through the cracks again; yes, I finally got a credit card. I told my kids when they were a bit older, if by chance they got in trouble, they weren’t alone, and I would know who exactly to send them to DOUG THODE!

Karen W - Client

It is very rare to find a business that you can trust, that is professional, that is kind, that is great at what they do---Doug and his team are it. Doug took care of my family in a professional and respectful manner. He was so empathetic, knowledgeable, and kind. He is thorough and did such a wonderful job.    

Jenna H - Client

What to Expect at Your
Free Debt Consultation

One of our Trustee’s or Senior Insolvency Managers will review with you your situation (Creditors, Assets, Monthly Income and Expenses, other pertinent information). After gathering this information, we will be able to advise you as to your alternatives, what we would expect to happen to you under those alternatives and the pros and cons with each alternative, in order that you may make an informed decision regarding which alternative is right for you, if any.

This initial free consultation usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

Debt Specialists in a team meeting.
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Let's Get Started With Your Free Debt Consultation


Thank you for your booking request.  We understand the importance of this matter.We will be in touch shortly to confirm! In the meantime, you can  call us direct at: 1-866-712-5353.

Our Team

Doug Thode, Licensed Insolvency Trustee.


Doug Thode

Doug Thode is President of D. Thode & Associates Inc., A Licensed Insolvency Trusee, BIA Insolvency Counsellor and Consumer Proposal Administrator.

Jan Cullam, Senior Estate Manager.


Jan Cullam

Jan is a Senior Estate Manager and BIA Insolvency Counsellor.


Professional Affiliations

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