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Get Out of Holiday Debt!

The holiday season is one of joy and happiness most of the time, but it’s also a very expensive occasion. There’s gifts for family and friends, extra food for entertaining, and extra trips to the local vineyard for that host’s gift after an unexpected invitation to a holiday party. It may seem like dribs and drabs, but it can really add up to a big bill. Now the credit card statements from your holiday adventures have arrived, it’s time to pay the piper. While you would probably prefer to pretend those big balances don’t exist, the best way to deal with debt is getting out of it. We can help make it less of a chore with some frugal fun that will help you get out of debt faster.

Shabby Chic Entertaining

The average night out can easily cost more than $100 for food and beverages. However, if you host at theme-night party at home and assign different dishes to different guests (who may all appreciate a night out without a hefty price tag) you can effortlessly have a night of fun for way less than it would cost for a night on the town.

Money Saved = $50+

Libraries are for More than Just Books

Have you been to your local library lately? Yes, it’s a great way to save on books and space by borrowing rather than buying, but there is more than just reading material. Most libraries have good collections of music and movies available to borrow. One night at home with a borrowed DVD and some microwave popcorn can save a fortune over a new release in the theatre, and you won’t have a mysterious sticky substance on the bottom of your shoes.

Money Saved = $25+

Go Local

When you’re trying to get out of debt, a vacation to somewhere exotic is just not in the cards. Or it shouldn’t be ON your cards, anyway. Let’s face it, we have some pretty wondrous sights right here to enjoy. Becoming a local tourist lets you connect with the area around you, and save a small fortune!

Money Saved = $500+

If you apply the savings from having fun frugally to your holiday bills, you can get out of debt in no time. Call us for more ideas to help you get on the road to financial security.

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