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With the many recreational opportunities, sports events, and downtown fun it has to offer, Kamloops is known for being full of energy. Don’t let uncontrolled debt sap that energy from you. Though it may seem your only options are bankruptcy, paying off debt on your own, or even succumbing to stress and financial ruin, this is not the case!

Debt Help Kamloops

At D. Thode & Associates Inc., we provide debt solutions Kamloops residents can trust to get out of debt. We use our years of experience in the financial industry to provide expert advice to our clients. Whether the best solution to your financial distress is bankruptcy, a consumer proposal, or simple negotiation with your creditors, we can provide the debt solution to your financial crisis.

All of our staff are certified to provide individuals and businesses with solutions to their financial problems. We help our clients get out of debt, relieve their stress, and get their lives in Kamloops back to normal. Don’t let the stresses of overwhelming debt keep you up at night.

Instead, call us to schedule a Kamloops debt solutions appointment at our office today. We can help you change your financial future.

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Pay Down Debt by Tracking Spending

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As licensed insolvency trustee’s, we meet with people from all walks of life who are experiencing financial difficulties. Whether those problems started because of illness or a job loss, or simply because they never learned how to make and stick to a budget, we help our clients develop a better…

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We want to help you to get out of debt. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about bankruptcy alternatives like debt consolidation in Kelowna, Kamloops or Penticton. Contact us today for more information.