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Financial stress can be all consuming, affecting your personal and professional life, along with your bottom line. The good news is there is an alternative to harassing phone calls and sleepless nights. If you are struggling under the weight of financial stress, get professional debt help right away. No matter what your situation, there is a solution that is right for you. We will assess your financial status and develop a plan that best suits your needs.

If you are in financial distress, there are several options available. Although bankruptcy is sometimes the right choice, there is often room for alternative measures that can help protect your credit rating.

Debt Consolidation

The simplest solution to financial difficulty is often to arrange for a consolidation of consumer debt. If this option is a good fit for you, your credit counsellor will recommend you speak to a bank to apply for a debt consolidation loan. Once approved, the bank will pay off all of your existing debts entirely. You will be left with one monthly payment that will be tailored to fit within your budget – so you can stay on track and begin rebuilding your credit rating.

Consumer Proposals

A consumer proposal is a great alternative to bankruptcy. It is a legally binding settlement that is negotiated with your creditors. It acknowledges that you owe the outstanding amounts, but also that you want to honour your debts and pay them down. This agreement allows you the financial flexibility to make payments that fit within your personal budget. Your credit counsellor will put together a proposal to be presented to all of your creditors, which might include:

• Reduction of overall loan amounts
• Smaller payments for a longer period of time
• Elimination or reduction of interest

Once your proposal is accepted, you will have one monthly payment to cover all of your obligations, and by servicing those debts properly, you will pay down your commitments completely. A consumer proposal can help you regain your financial health and improve your credit score.


Bankruptcy is always the last option to be considered, but when Debt Consolidation or Consumer Proposals are not possible, it is often the best choice. Crushing debt can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. Declaring Personal Bankruptcy allows you to get free of your creditors and start over. Your Trustee will handle everything – from preparing documents to correspondence with your lenders. A declaration of Personal Bankruptcy helps you to clean the slate and begin building a new financial future for yourself.

Tailor Made Solutions

No two situations are exactly the same. We pride ourselves on individualized client care. If you need debt help, don’t wait any longer. Work with us to find the solution that is right for you.

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